Junk Removal, Waste Removal Service

Trash Hauling, Cleanup Services

Happy Trash junk removal and junk hauling service.

Junk Removal can be a difficult job but can be cleared our with Junk Removal Services. Do you need help with junk removal or junk hauling? Happy Trash can help you. Although most of our customers rent large roll off dumpsters from us there are times when customers only need small items picked up and wast removal taken to the landfill. It can be difficult to clean up around the house or construction site if you don’t have a truck or trailer and help loading junk to haul.

Waste removal done right

Happy Trash can help you. We have resources to have someone come to your property and provide Trash Hauling Service for you. We can Junk and remove junk. Our customers need waste removal for a small about of trash and it would not make sense for them to rent a roll off dumpster from us. We will send a professional Junk Removal specialist to your house. Our Trash Hauling service will load your junk and haul the junk away.

Junk removal does not have to be expensive.

You don’t have to borrow or rent a truck. You don’t need to take time out of your day to haul junk. We will provide Junk Removal in Lubbock and surrounding communities.

Junk Hauling prices.

Small trash hauling jobs typically start about $75. That includes picking up and loading the trash and hauling to the landfill and paying the landfill. Jobs that require multiple trips or have more trash would range up in price from there. No hassle for you, just low cost trash removal or garbage removal. We can also travel to surrounding cities for a small millage fee.

Junk Removal services.

Happy trash can assist with most junk removal or trash removal needs of the typical home owner and small business. We can do yard cleanup, garage or shed cleanup, general construction debris, tree limbs, rental house trash outs. Happy Trash can also do garbage removal, trash removal, waste removal and junk removal. Lastly, we can haul trash, load trash, and dispose of trash.
Many times customers call us needing a small amount of waste removal and their budget or the amount of trash they have would not make sense to rent a roll of dumpster. Our full service garbage removal service would be more in line with their needs. If you need small items of trash loaded and removed from your property we can help you quickly. Our service will take the burden of you having to do all the work.

Property clean up services.

Do you have a property that needs general cleanup? Do you live out of town and will it be difficult for you to manage cleaning out a property. We can deliver a roll off container and or provide a crew and trailer to load and haul off trash without your assistance. You won’t have to come to Lubbock or even be at the job site. We will provide pictures of the final property condition after all waste removal has taken place. We can take payment over the phone with a card.