Roll-Off Dumpster Rental in Lubbock FAQ

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There are many roll-off dumpster rental companies in the Lubbock TX area. What is the difference in each company and how should you go about picking a roll off dumpster rental company?
Roll-Off Dumpsters come in many sizes however the most common sizes are 15, 20, 30, and 40 yard containers. Selecting the right size roll-off dumpster rental is important as it will cost you more money if you select the wrong size dumpster.
Happy Trash suggests to select a container slightly larger than you think you will need since the major expense in a roll-off dumpster rental is the delivery and dumping fees. If you rent a roll off dumpster that is too small you will have to empty it multiple times and this will cost you much more than just renting a larger roll off container.

Lubbock Area Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Company

Many roll-off dumpster rental companies you find online or in the yellow pages are 800 numbers and not local. They are trash brokers and don’t really understand your roll-off dumpster rental needs. Happy Trash will work hard to get to know you and your needs.

Common Container Sizes

15 yard:  For very small jobs or very heavy* jobs 15 yard roll off dumpster rental will probably suit your needs (*make sure company can handle the high weight)

20 yard: For a 1 or 2 room remodel select a 20 yard roll off dumpster rental

30 yard: For a remodel larger than 2 rooms, roof tear down, tree cutting and your average home remodel select a 30 yard roll off dumpster rental

40 yard: Typically a 30 yard container is a better choice as 40 yard containers have very high sides and get hard to load, however sometimes a 40 yard container may suit you.

Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Weights

When selecting a roll off company consider how much weight you will be putting in the container.
Some companies, especially the ones tailoring to the 15 yard size only have a pull behind trailer to move the containers. This greatly limits the amount of weight they can pick up in their containers. You must consider how much weight you will be putting into your roll off dumpster when picking a roll off dumpster company. If they can’t pick up or load your container you will be responsible for removing weight until they can load the container. Furthermore every roll off container company charges an “over weight” fee. Many of these fees are over $200 so you must make sure you are not over loading the maximum weight your company can handle.


Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Hidden Fees

Roll-off dumpster rental companies are notorious for hidden fees. People complain to Happy Trash all the time about how they rented a dumpster and thought they would be paying $350 and when they get their bill it’s over $500. If you call a roll off dumpster rental company and ask for prices usually they will say something like “we charge $75 to drop off and $175 to pick up.” If you ask them what else they charge they will say that they also charge something like $40 per ton. What they don’t tell you unless you ask: Roll-off dumpster rental companies won’t tell you about their per day, per mile, fuel surcharge, overweight, etc fees. Happy Trash called every company in town. Did you know that in Lubbock TX the average roll off cost for 8000 pound 30 yard roll off container is $502 per dump. Happy Trash is transparent about our charges. One flat fee for 8000 pounds. We only charge $410. You know what you are paying for your roll-off dumpster rental and we make it simple. We are also the only company in town offering volume discounts, advertising on our containers, and hook lift containers with less impact to your parking areas.

Happy Trash Will Make You Happy With Your Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

We strive to make you happy. We will work with you to establish your trash needs and see how we can make your garbage pickup the most convenient, affordable, and trouble free roll-off dumpster rental company in town.

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Lubbock Roll Off Common Questions:

You can place most items in our roll off dumpsters. There are exceptions and these are detailed in the contract and you will be given a copy of these items upon delivery. The items not allowed are televisions, pressurized containers (like propane tanks), items that contained Freon in them (like refrigerators or window units) florescent light bulbs, things that will dry and stick in the container (paint, tar, wet concrete etc), any hazardous or toxic waste, tires. This list is subject to change without notice based on the landfill requirements. If something is placed in the container that the landfill does not accept the item will be returned to you and an additional charge will apply.

Our standard rental period is 10 days. This is included in our base price. Every time your roll off container is emptied and brought back you get another 10 days with the base charge again. If you have the roll off container for longer than 10 days without dumping there is an additional charge for each 10 day period. The purpose of this charge is to keep containers for sitting around without being used so that we can get them to other customers needed waste management help. Most other companies providing roll off in Lubbock charge a daily rate of $3-$5 per day. We don’t charge a daily rate as long as you have the container for less than 10 days. This free period is to help keep your costs low.

Happy Trash Roll Off Dumpsters does not charge any hidden fees. All of our fees are easy to spot on the first page of our contract. We do not charge an environmental fee or a fuel surcharge fee. We want you to be happy and nothing makes us more upset than being billed for something we did not expect. Happy trash charges a flat rate on our roll off dumpster rentals so that you know in advance what you expect to pay. Other than the flat rate there are very few other fees * and these are detailed in the contract clearly. They mostly deal with going over the expected weight, having items in the container that are not allowed, and over filling the “roll back” dumpster.

Happy Trash Roll Off charges a flat rate for each dump. You can dump your dumpster 1 time for each flat rate. Each time you dump the dumpster there will be an additional flat rate charge. You can dump the roll off as many times as you need to get rid of all your trash.

Roll Off dumpsters are sometimes called Roll Back dumpsters. They mean the same thing. Some people are familiar with “roll back wreckers” and they mix the terminology. Technically the large dumpsters are called roll off dumpsters as they roll off the truck but the action of rolling off the truck looks similar to a roll back wrecker. You can call our dumpsters roll back dumpsters, roll back containers, roll of dumpsters, big construction dumpsters, big dumpsters, 30 yard dumpsters, open top dumpsters, open top containers or many other terms. We will know what you are talking about and help you out fast.

We currently offer 30 yard dumpsters. A 30 yard dumpster is the most common used dumpster in Lubbock. 30 yard roll off dumpsters are about 22 feet long, about 8 feet wide, and about 6 feet tall. A 30 yard dumpster is large. The only difference between a 20, 30, and 40 yard dumpster is the height, the floor size is the same on all 3 dumpsters. Many people prefer the 30 yard dumpster because the 40 yard dumpster side walls are very tall and can be hard to load from the ground.

Happy Trash does deliver containers outside of Lubbock. We regularly deliver roll off dumpsters to Levelland, Littlefield, Anton, Abernathy, New Deal, Slaton, Woolworth, Big Spring, Brownfield, Lamesa, Roapsville, Plainview, and other surrounding areas. Our flat rate does not included delivery outside of Lubbock. When we leave Lubbock we charge a mileage on our roll off dumpsters. Please call for mileage questions and quotes.

Yes, our 30 yard roll off dumpsters fit in single and double car driveways. The only requirement is that it must not block the sidewalk. Our dumpsters are about as long as a 4 door pickup truck. If a pickup trick fits in your driveway then the dumpster will probably fit in your driveway as well. Exceptions to this might be if there is a large tree overhead or power lines overhead that would keep the Lubbock roll off container from being able to unload or load.

Yes we can. As long as your street has curb side parking we can place the container on the street in front of your house.

Due to the size of the container and the size of our truck is it rare that we can fit in a back yard. If you don’t have a fence and there is access to get a large truck behind your house then we may be able to put the container in the yard. We cannot put containers in alleys as they need to be open for traffic.

Most dumpster rentals are paid for in advance. This is similar to renting other equipment. Businesses can apply for a credit and be invoiced during and after their job.

There are 2 things that limit how much you can put in the dumpster. Weight and size. Legally we can carry 10 tons or 20,000 pounds in our dumpsters. After 20,000 pounds we are over the legal carry weight. All trash must be below the top of the container. We drive down the road and although we tarp all of our loads trash above the top can slide under the tarp or blow out. This flying trash can hit other vehicles causing damage. This flying trash also is bad for our environment and does not keep Lubbock looking nice. We want safe travel without loosing trash so all items must be below the top of the container. If the container is overloaded you may be required to empty it out and or pay an additional charge.

We deliver very fast, usually the same day or first thing the next morning. Our delivery’s times are based on how busy we are, however we prioritize speed to make our customers happy. Many Lubbock Roll Off companies delivery 2 or 3 days out. We keep our delivery’s less than 24 hours. We delivery Monday-Friday and sometimes on Saturday based on your needs and emergency situations. It takes about 1.5 hours to dump and return a container so we cant deliver as fast as the pizza guy, but for a roll off company we are super fast. We are regularly told by our customers that we are the fastest roll off company they have ever used.

Typical turn around times for a dump and return are 1.5 hours, depending on how far you are from the dump, weather conditions, and how busy the dump is that day.

Our weights are limited by the capacity of our trucks. Most large Roll Off Trucks can carry between 50-60 thousand pounds, including the weight of the truck and the weight of the empty container. Our truck weighs about 26,000 pounds. Roll off Dumpsters weigh about 5000 pounds. The remaining weight is about 20,000 pounds. For comparison an 18 wheeler truck can usually only handle about 80,000 pounds total, including truck, trailer, and contents, and they have more axles and tires than a roll off truck so we can actually carry a lot of weight.

Estimating weight is difficult however there are some guidelines to follow. First off our average dump weights are right about 7-8 thousand pounds. Most construction jobs fall into this category. If you are putting normal household furniture, trash, and construction debris in the container you will probably not go over the 8000 pound in your contract. If you are putting lots of sheet rock, shingles, dirt, rock, concrete etc you will probably go over the 8000 pound contract amount. Dirt is very heavy. About 2 foot of dirt in the bottom of a 30 yard roll of container weighs about 20,000 pounds. This is our maximum carry amount. If you are hauling heavy materials, like dirt, concrete, plaster, rock, brick, then only fill the container about 1/3 full or about 2 feet full. If the container is over 20,000 pounds there is a heavy surcharge fee and you may have to empty the container before removal.

Unfortunately yes. When we go to the dump the dump charges us based on the weight of the container. We have to charge based on what the dump charges us as this is our biggest business expense. Our dump costs are quite high and water weighs a lot. Although it does not seem fair that the dump charges for water in loads we must pay them. If it is raining or snowing and you want to put a tarp over your roll off dumpster to keep moisture out we encourage that. This will keep the container lighter and help the avoid additional dump charges.

The federal and state government limit how much weight we can carry in our trucks. We don’t always know how heavy the containers weigh so that burden is on our customers to not over load the container as they are putting items in the container. Heavy containers are dangerous to other drivers, hard on equipment, and illegal. Heavy containers can cost thousands in truck repairs and thousands in fines from the state and federal government. We have had damaged trucks due to customers over loading containers and these damages have cost us thousands of dollars. Overweight fines from the highway patrol can be many thousand of dollars. Overweight trucks don’t stop as fast and can injure or ill other drivers. We charge an additional fee to help people remember to not over load containers, and to help pay for damage should they overload the container.